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Events & Campaigns

(P.S. For the full list of environmental events in Singapore, check out Lepak in SG!)


SGCR will be hosting a live teach-in on the Chiang Mai forest fires, which have claimed over 700 football fields of forests and the lives of at least seven people, on 25 April 2020, 4pm SGT.


The teach-in will be conducted by an indigenous Karen leader and four grassroots activists, who are working hard to support the firefighting on the ground.


We have teamed up with Speak for Climate (S4C) for Greenwatch, a campaign aimed at garnering greater awareness of the climate crisis and provoking deeper commitments to climate policy during the upcoming General Elections (GE) in Singapore.

More voter resources and tools will be added to our platform as GE draws near, so watch this space!

Events Line-up

We're currently putting together our events line-up for the year!

Will it be an activist conference? SG Climate Rally 2.0? More community engagement? Or maybe... all of the above?

Stay tuned to find out as we unveil our plans in the coming months - and join our Telegram channel for updates!

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