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SG Climate Rally (SGCR) and Speak for Climate (S4C) have teamed up for Greenwatch, a campaign aimed at garnering greater awareness of the climate crisis and provoking deeper commitments to climate policy during the upcoming General Elections (GE) in Singapore.

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Come GE 2020, we will be releasing a climate scorecard that will assess all party manifestos to see how they rank in tackling the climate crisis.

The scorecard is intended as a resource for voters who wish to be better informed about parties' climate ambitions - stay tuned to our social media channels for updates!




We've prepared a list of questions that you can ask your candidate once the GE comes around. If possible, film your question and their response, then post it on your social media channel with the hashtag #AskYourCandidate so that we can share it!

I'm concerned that Singapore isn't doing enough to avert the climate crisis. May I know...


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In March 2020, we sent a policy brief to all political parties in Singapore.


The brief outlines several policy suggestions that parties can incorporate into their manifesto or pledge to support during election season.

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