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SG Climate Rally was born from the understanding that we face a climate emergency, and that individual action alone is insufficient to tackle it. We stand for climate justice and push for a just transition; seeking to uplift communities and work with those in power to achieve fair, ambitious climate policy to safeguard our future.

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A world built on equity, inclusion and a regenerative relationship with the natural world.


In this world, the continuous pursuit of endless growth and extraction is no more. In its place is a world built on non-material ideas of success such as well-being, sufficiency and contentment.

How we overcame the climate crisis

and made the world a better place in the process



We aim to bring about a bold, just and necessary transition to net zero emissions in Singapore by 2050 by mobilising broad support from the public, policymakers and businesses.


This transition must be premised on equity, collaboration and care, and will require the transformation of our economic and socio-political systems, as well as our current relationship with the natural world.


Our values underpin all of SG Climate Rally’s actions and they ground our mission and vision. 

  • We seek justice for all communities, both human and non-human, especially ones that have been systemically marginalised.

  • We strive for a world built on equity and inclusion, premised on care for all communities.

  • We aim to foster civil empowerment in Singapore.

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