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The year is 2050.

We have successfully avoided the worst effects of climate change.


To do that, we had to make big changes to how we live, work and play.


The multiple global crises of 2020 were a wake-up call for governments and communities, and it spurred us on to come together and make transformative changes. We stopped using fossil fuels, and now rely entirely on renewable energy—a key pillar in our economy. We no longer measure Singapore’s success through GDP growth; instead we place value on things that really matter, like happiness, health, and equality for everyone, citizens and non-citizens alike.  


We have built a new relationship with nature that is not about consuming and destroying, but rather about balance and life.


30 years ago, we made a stand to take back our future. Because of that, today we are a dynamic nation, an island state filled with hope and opportunities. Today, we are proud to call Singapore home.


What exactly do you see in this vision of Singapore 2050?

Let's #TakeBack2050.

Share your thoughts! Submit your #TakeBack2050 vision or scroll down to see what fellow people who call Singapore home have to say.

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