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Our Campaigns

Over the years, SG Climate Rally has launched campaigns to engage with the public and push for climate justice. Find out more about them here.


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Our virtual rally centred the voices of ordinary people who will speak on the effects of climate change and the climate action required. 


Climate change is an urgent issue, but ride-hailing app drivers and food delivery workers should not be forced to pay for it. Climate change was caused by businesses and their endless drive for profit, powered by fossil fuels. It was not caused by workers. Why must they pay for environmental damage?

This evaluation of the Singapore Green Plan 2030 was put together by a group of SG Climate Rally organisers.




On 28 November, Asian youth strikers from more than 9 countries held collective actions (online & offline) to demand our governments to take serious climate action during this pandemic and #BuildBackBetter. We are urging our governments and public development banks to divest from dirty industry, and invest in our futures!

The year is 2050. We have successfully avoided the worst effects of climate change. To do that, we had to make big changes to how we live, work and play.

What exactly do you see in this vision of Singapore 2050? Let's #TakeBack2050.​


Activism in Crisis is a festival aimed at building stronger links between environmental groups and social justice activists, drawing on the intersectional nature of the climate crisis. Through this festival, we hope to develop practices that will allow us to facilitate meaningful structural change in our socio-political climate.

SG Climate Rally (SGCR) and Speak for Climate (S4C) have teamed up for Greenwatch, a campaign aimed at garnering greater awareness of the climate crisis and provoking deeper commitments to climate policy during the upcoming General Elections (GE) in Singapore.




On 21 September 2019, over 2,000 rally goers gathered at Hong Lim Park for the SG Climate Rally. The rally was Singapore's first ever physical climate rally, a show of political solidarity to urge the government to take bold systemic climate action.

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