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On 21 September 2019, over 2,000 rally goers gathered at Hong Lim Park for the SG Climate Rally. The rally was Singapore's first ever physical climate rally, a show of political solidarity to urge the government to take bold systemic climate action.

Our beginnings

We are ordinary people who call Singapore home. We share the belief that bold climate action is needed to prevent ecological collapse and widespread human suffering.

The issues that we are facing today made me feel like the action that we are taking today is not enough... I wanted the government to take stronger mitigation action.

Komal Lad, NUS Environmental Studies undergraduate

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Rally Day

As a space of empowerment, the rally featured community activities and impassioned speeches by speakers both young and old.


It culminated in a die-in, a demonstration in which participants simulate being dead. The die-in invited introspection, with the falling bodies reflecting the loss of life and biodiversity caused by the climate crisis. 


Postcards to My MP

During the rally, we encouraged participants to send postcards to their respective Members of Parliament (MPs) to demand ambitious climate policy.

A total of 418 postcards were delivered to 80 MPs, who were asked to respond to their constituents within a month of receipt.