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Asia Climate Rally: 5 Demands

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

SG Climate Rally participated in the Asia Climate Rally held in Nov 2020

Asia climate strikers strongly demand our governments together with the multinational corporations and institutions in our respective countries to:

1. Climate action NOW!

Ensure urgent implementation of bold climate action that encourages the divestment from climate polluting fossil fuel industries and invest in renewable energy;

2. Defend environmental defenders and uphold people's democracy!

Protect the lives of our environmental and human rights defenders and actively advocate for climate justice and people’s democracy;

3. Policies for the people and planet!

Strengthen climate and environmental laws and policies to uphold the holistic health of the people and the environment and repeal environmental destructive laws and policies;

4. Demand ambition, collaboration, & accountability!

Ramp up our country’s NDCs, accelerate the implementation of measures to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, and demand accountability from big climate polluters because of their contribution to the worsening impacts of the climate crisis while providing spaces for genuine youth participation; and

5. Towards a just recovery!

Implement proactive efforts to achieve a green and just response to the climate crisis and COVID-19 pandemic on the basis of common but differentiated responsibility and socio-economic justice.


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