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Updated: Aug 15, 2021

We and multiple others have spoken up time and time again about the many ills of the fossil fuel industry and the harm it has wrought on both people and planet. And here we are, still pumping millions in taxpayer dollars into a declining and destructive industry that cares so little for our workers.

• MOM, prompted by worker complaints, is reviewing Exxon's labour practices after it used its performance review process to cut staff.

• Exxon changed its review process in April, right as oil prices crashed, putting a large number of employees at risk of being cut.

• There was a similar scandal in July 2020, where leaked documents and employee accounts show that Exxon disguised layoffs as performance-based job cuts.

Does this lack of concern for our workers reflect the actions of a so-called “close and trusted partner”?

MOM’s review would just be a slap on the wrist for Exxon. For the workers who were unjustly cut, it's their livelihoods that are at stake.

We need to provide better, more sustainable jobs for our workers. We need a green and just transition.


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