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On Singapore’s first Parliamentary Motion on Climate Change

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

We are heartened to see MPs speak up about the pressing need to avert the climate crisis, and hope to see more comprehensive policies enacted that will reflect these views.

Many of the proposals brought up included points that we have argued for in the past such as needing more ambitious climate targets, declaring a climate emergency, supporting workers and low-income groups in a green and just transition, raising the carbon tax, better emphasis on climate change in our education system, pushing for a restructuring of the petrochemical sector, better protections for our forested areas, a faster push to zero energy buildings, and better reporting frameworks for companies.

However, we hope that the final amendment from “climate emergency” to “global emergency” does not minimise Singapore’s responsibility and capability in doing our utmost to mitigate climate change. As the government releases more details on its Green Plan over the coming Budget debate, we hope that there will be more scrutiny and robust discussions that also include civil society and the general public.

At a time when 124 countries have announced or are considering net zero targets by 2050 or earlier*, Singapore’s current targets of an increase in emissions to 65 Mt in 2030 and then halving that by 2050 fall far short of what the IPCC recommends is needed to reach the 1.5ºC target of the Paris Agreement. We continue to call for the government and communities to bring Power to the People, Launch a Green Recovery, and Redefine Pragmatism and Growth.

With hope,

SG Climate Rally

*Climate Action Tracker, “Paris Agreement Turning Point”, Dec 2020 (


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