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[SGCR Theme: Resolutions and Revolutions]

In our final theme for the year, SGCR invites you to take stock together with us on this year’s climate ups and downs—from Singapore’s net zero by 2050 plan to criticism surrounding COP27. From floods in Philippines, Malaysia and Pakistan to extreme heat weaves across Europe. As countries and communities come together to make climate resolutions towards the not-so-distant future, will this lead to more urgent, revolutionary ways of relating to one another and our environment? Or would it just be business-as-usual, business-in-revolution, the same old story in new shiny packaging? As we wind down from the year, join us in reflecting on what has come before, allowing us to approach the new year with bold, caring, and cautious resolve.

The background is a wind map of the South-East Asian region, mostly grey with some areas coloured in blue or green, and white lines indicating flow patterns. The words “Resolutions” and “Revolutions” in white are repeated to fill up the frame.


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