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We Are Environmentalists But We Don't Want A Petrol Hike!

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

This hike will unfairly affect full-time delivery and ride-hailing riders and drivers, with up to an additional $100 on petrol cost and only a 1-year rebate.

These riders and drivers already face several challenges related to safety, job security, etc. This raise will worsen their issues.

Yes, we want a greener world. But we also want a FAIRER world. We have spoken many times about the need for Singapore’s green transition to focus on workers. This Budget announcement goes against that.

Workers SHOULD NOT pay the price of change. We MUST find other ways.

FULL-TIME RIDERS AND DRIVERS, WE STAND WITH YOU. We stand for democratic action in tackling climate change.

Download this image at and send it around!


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