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[SGCR Bimonthly Theme] Care

For Mar and Apr, we will look at what “Care” means, especially in the middle of an ongoing pandemic and multiple humanitarian and environmental crises.

When we talk about care, we mean expanding our circles of concern beyond our immediate family and friends, to the wider human and non-human world around us — particularly those who are most marginalised and affected by the climate crisis. Rather than place the burden of care on specific workers, we should reach out to care for and with all those whom we share the world with.

Tim Min Jie writes in Making Kin that “it is labouring in care that allows us to begin healing our relationships with one another and the Earth, to understand our accountabilities to other beings, so that we can go beyond environmental despair and chaos, and move forward with a maturity that empowers us to build a regenerative world without reproducing capitalistic violence”

At the same time, for us care also means figuring out how to organise and work in a manner that is regenerative and inclusive, instead of reverting to capitalist ideals of constant production and ever-increasing efficiency. In other words, it means to recognise the possibility that “the way we respond to crisis is part of the crisis”, as Bayo Akomolafe says.


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