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SGCR's 2021 Naughty or Nice List

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

This December, we’re looking back on an eventful 2021 and picking out those who did their part for climate action, and those who should have known better. First we have a global list, and then one just for Singapore:

In the bottom left, two people in grey vests hold up pink signs with the FoodPanda logo beside  a bike with a pink FoodPanda delivery box on it. They are surrounded by the words “people power!” and some flowers On the top right,three people in grey suits raise their hands in the air, and they have red devil tails. They are surrounded by the words“world leaders…”, “COP 26”All this is framed by a red square.  In the centre is the title of the post: “SGCR’s 2021 Naughty or Nice List (global edition)”with a small globe at the end.

Three people in grey suits and ties raise their hands and are flipping gold coins into a fountain behind them, which has a figure of a person in the middle (like the Trevi fountain in Rome). The word “Naughty” is written in caps and red font and circled above them, with arrows pointing to the three people.  Text: The world leaders of the Global North: didn’t commit to ambitious climate action at COP26, pushed 1.5ºC target further out of reach, placed world’s vulnerable people at risk.”

(read our post on COP for more info on this)

Red SGCR logo with hands raised and the word “Nice!” above it. On the bottom right, a group of five farmers, some with beards, scarves and white, grey and orange clothing, wave flags in the air and raise their fists.  Text: Indian farmers staged the largest protest in world history against farm laws that threatened to destroy their livelihoods, and eventually got the government to repeal the laws. People power works!

(read more about the Indian farmer protests here)

A man with white hair in a suit, labelled “Edelman CEO”, and with a speech bubble saying “I believe deeply in the oil and gas sector.” Next to it in red are the words “actual quote…” and the SGCR logo with angry eyes and arms on hips, with the word “Naughty!”  Text: Edelman, the world’s largest PR firm, has made millions promoting the fossil fuel industry and refused to sign the Clean Creatives pledge to decline work that promotes fossil fuels.

(read independent climate researcher Connor Gibson's investigation on Edelman's dirty PR here)

Four students in the front carrying a large orange “Divest” banner. In the back are two more students raising a white sign with the word “Divest” and an orange cross. The word “Nice!” is in red.  Text: Student activists, who have successfully pressured schools like Dartmouth College and Harvard University to announce plans to divest from fossil fuels this year

(announcements from Dartmouth and Harvard)

A large ship is on blue water, with thick black clouds billowing from it and labeled in red “not covered under national targets”. The word “Naughty!” is in caps and boxed in red.  Text: International Maritime Organisation: highly influenced by shipping industry, undermined proposals by the Marshall and Solomon Islands to reduce global emissions from commercial shipping.

(The New York Times did an in-depth investigation on the IMO here)

Two people in grey vests hold pink signs with the FoodPanda logo on them. One of the pink signs also has the word “Safety”. To their right is a bike with a pink FoodPanda delivery box. On the most right, there is the word “nice!!” and the SGCR logo smiling with a thumbs up and a small floating heart, both in red.  Text: Hong Kong Foodpanda delivery riders: managed to negotiate for better pay and working conditions after a labour strike.

(read our statement on the Foodpanda riders here)

To the right of the text is the word “naughty” and the SGCR logo with an angry face and hands on hips, both in red.  The top half of a person with black short hair in a long sleeved-shirt, is facing a screen. In the screen is a person in a blue shirt and bridge-like structures in the background.The person on screen is saying “Did we aggressively fight against some of the science? Yes.”, and under it the words “there’s nothing illegal about that…” are written in smaller font.  Text: Exxon’s lobbyists were caught on video admitting that they worked to delay climate action by working with “shadow groups” and influencing politicians to weaken Biden’s infrastructure plan.

(watch the incirminating videos recorded by Greenpeace undercover investigators here)

On the top left, there are two activists, one holding a sign with a drawing of planet earth, and another in a dress with a flower crown holding a sign with a drawing of a flame. On the bottom right is a girl in a black dress and two feathers in her hair holding an orange vase.  Text: Climate activists everywhere! Their work has led to: cancellation of the Keystone XL oil pipeline in North America, pausing of Cambo oilfield project in the UK, Dutch court ordering Shell to slash its emissions by 45% by 2030, among many other wins!

(read more about the cancellation of the Keystone XL oil pipeline in North America, and the campaign to stop the Cambo offshore oilfield in the UK, as well as the Dutch court order to ask Shell to slash its emissions by 45% by 2030)

The SGCR logo, a white circle with red waves filling the bottom half, is smiling and wearing glasses and a red Santa hat, holding a scroll of paper and a pencil.It is also standing on a floating iceberg. On the right and far behind is another iceberg with  a maroon sleigh named”SGCR” on it. Small pieces of ice float on the dark blue sea around them, with the sky fading from white to light blue above.  Text: SGCR’s 2021 Naughty or Nice List (Singapore edition), framed by a red square.

The smiling SGCR logo holds a sign with the word “Nice”. There is a healthcare worker in a face mask, light green uniform and with a stethoscope around their neck. They hold a small globe in their hands, centred on the Southeast Asian region. To their right, there are  large red words saying “Care Work is Climate Work”. The background is painted in a gradient from light red to light yellow from top to bottom. Text on the left: Our healthcare workers, both in Singapore and around the world, who worked overtime through the pandemic at great risk to themselves, and whose work is also important climate work that will play an important role in a green economy, yet have not gotten the remuneration or fair working conditions they deserve.

(read our post on why care work is climate work here)

The SGCR logo has an angry face and holds a rectangle sign with the word “Naughty” below itself with one hand, while the other hand shows a thumbs down sign. Below is a sketch of a city from an aerial view. On the left, a workers’ dorm with long blocks is fenced all around.. One of the blocks is exposed without a roof, showing people in double decker beds filling the room. Another block has the word “Dorm” on the roof. On the right, people are engaging in various activities like being on a cruise ship, a full audience watching a musician perform on stage in a concert hall, a group of five people eating a meal at a table at an eatery, and people boarding a plane with the letters “VTL'' next to an airport control tower and a plane that has taken off. The dorm on the left is painted in grey, while the right side with all the activities is painted in a rainbow of colours.

Read our statement on the migrant worker situation last year. Many migrant worker faced issues with getting medical care and decent food. *As of 1 Dec, 26% of SG’s eligible population had a booster shot, while as of 18 Dec, 88% of eligible migrant workers had one, yet they still face many restrictions on freedom of movement

The SGCR logo is smiling and holding a rectangle sign with the word “Nice” above itself. A digital painting of the Dover Forest is in the background, with a sketch of the petition to protect the forest at the front. At the bottom, there are multiple grey-coloured ‘Sign this petition’ tabs with cursors.  Text: Nice: The 51,000 people who signed the Dover Forest petition and made their voices heard, which led to a change of plans where the western half will be retained as a nature park in the medium term.

(see the petition here, and HDB's response to the public feedback it gathered here)

The SGCR logo with an angry face is holding a rectangle sign with the word “Naughty” below itself with one hand, while the other hand shows a thumbs down sign.   There is a  digital sketch of an SG Green Plan stage backdrop. It isin light blue with green plants, and symbols of an electric car, a water droplet, and recycling, and hasthree spotlights. A spokesperson stands in front of the backdrop on  a podium, in front of a crowd of journalists saying “We have a plan!”. A dotted line leads from the spokesperson to themself at another stage far behind, shaking hands with another person, saying “Congrats to SHELL!” at Shell’s 130th anniversary event.At the event, there is a Shell logo on the stage and the words “Shell SG 130+” on the backdrop. The background is roughly painted in grey.  Text: The SG Green Plan, which failed to strengthen emissions targets despite being announced with much fanfare. Instead of implementing higher carbon taxes and phasing out the fossil fuel industry, politicians celebrated Shell’s 130th year in Singapore.

(read our statement on the SG Green Plan here)

On the top left the SGCR logo is smiling and holding a sign with the word “Nice” above itself. The background is rainbow-colouredwith 8 different face sketches drawn around the border and the text in the middle. The faces are of some of the co-authors of the Youth COP statement including Karl Png, Woo Qiyun, Parvarne Shantti, Ho Xiang Tian, Sam Shu Qin, Firdaus Sani, Shawn Ang, Shivram Anusha.

(read the Youth COP statement here and press coverage here)

The SGCR logo has an angry face and holds a rectangle sign with the word “Naughty” below itself with one handThe other hand shows a thumbs down sign.   On the bottom left, the background is painted in light red and orange strokes. There are protesters holding up signs. In the foreground are two behind shields, and one of them kneeling on one knee and holding a loudhailer. They are wearing helmets. They face soldiers on the right coloured in dark grey, who are wearing helmets and pointing weapons at the protesters. Money is falling from a map of Singapore above the soldiers’ head.   Text: Singapore companies that have continued to do business and invest in Myanmar after the Feb 1 coup, thus supporting a military dictatorship that has violently cracked down on peaceful civilians and is dragging the country into a humanitarian and environmental crisis.

(read this Vice article on Singapore's role in investing in Myanmar, the International Crisis Group's report on violence of the military regime, and how it also threatens to be an environmental crisis.)

The SGCR logo is smiling and holding a  sign with the word “Nice”. At the bottom, there is a sketch of an open book, with rainbow colours shooting out from the pages. On top of the pages,in a clockwise manner starting from the top left, there are black and white sketches of a dog, a person caring for another lying on the bed, a tiger moth, two people hugging each other, a sunbird, two people practising martial arts, a loaf of bread baking in an oven, and a bunch of trees.

(watch the book launch of Making Kin here)

The SGCR logo is angry and holding a sign with the word “Naughty” below itself with one hand, while the other hand shows a thumbs down sign. There are four lanes drawn to the right of a tree. The first lane from the left is a pedestrian path, with text saying: “Riding an e-bike or PMD on a footpath can result in a fine of $2000”. The second lane has a road caution sign ‘Work in progress’ placed ahead of text saying: “Many areas do not have cycling paths. The network is planned to triple to 1300 km, but only by 2030.” The third lane has a tree and a butterfly flying around a bush. There are two seedlings on the ground near the bush. On the fourth lane, there is a car on the road smashing into a spiky action bubble saying: In 2020, there were 572 traffic accidents involving bicycles. A delivery food rider is at the foreground, facing the four lanes.

(our petition for better rights for food delivery riders and private hire drivers is located here. for the notes above, see this for fines, this on cycling paths, and this for traffic accidents)

The SGCR logo is smiling and holding a sign with the word “Nice” above itself. There are screenshots of previous SCGR posts about the virtual rally on 5 December, the petrol hike petition, and our fundraiser for Malaysia floods and super Typhoon Rai which form the background in the post. In a clockwise manner starting from top right, there are digital sketches of people holding three signs that form the sentence ‘Climate justice now!”; two people sending letters in the mailbox; one person holding a sign in one hand and pulling another person on the other hand; a person supporting and pulling up another person up; a person donating money to another holding a tin can; and a person holding a megaphone.   Text: All of you who attended our rallies this year, donated to our Ko-fi, shared our posts, and wrote in to your MPs demanding for change — we need your continued support!

Thanks for your support! You can donate to our Ko-fi here.


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